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Over the past few decades, Chhara village has become a wrestling hub not only in Haryana but also in India. Virender, known as Virender pahalwan locally, is the sole operator and manager since 1997 when this academy was founded. Necessity is the mother of all inventions and so is the case here. During his training, he felt the need of proper training and instrumentation. One of the main objectives was to transform the youth's unstoppable energy into wrestling skills. Located in the lush green and clean, pollution-free open fields, the academy gives an urge to join the wrestling profession. Wrestling, also known as “kushti” and “MAL YUDH”, is the traditional Indian game. As the reviver of
wrestling, he started the academy by training local boys. It is said that “Charity begins at home”. His own 1.5 acres of land was transformed into that academy. With a vision to provide the wrestlers a hassle-free wrestling atmosphere and to prepare them to represent India at international tournaments like Commonwealth Games, World Wrestling Championships, and The Olympics, all efforts were made to fulfill them.  A state-of-the-art hostel was also built to accommodate too far coming wrestlers. A single bullet cannot defeat the whole enemy. That saying was adopted and help was taken from government and social activists. According to the need a coach was selected for supervision. Later on, a cook and a sweeper were also appointed. Keeping in the mind the hygiene and nutrition of the food, pure desi Indian methods of cooking were adopted. The salaries to the coach, cook, and sweeper were paid from his own pocket showing a sense of dedication. Since he was in a government job but the expenses were out of control. Sincerity and honesty are the key pillars of success and that mantra was proved. Many athletes started visiting the academy from village Chhara and nearby villages and showed their interest in wrestling. Traditionally many domestic tournaments are organized in India like Bharat Kesari, Hind Kesari, and many more. Wrestlers from the academy started participating in those tournaments and won. In the academy, right now freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling are taught in keeping view with the Olympics.

Bajrang Poonia, 65 kg weight category, world champion, and Olympian started his career from this academy. Later on, he left for Sonipat and Chhatarsal Stadium Delhi. But it does not mean that facilities are not available here. Every kind of facility is available here. The success story does not end here. Another senior World Championship Silver Medalist, World junior Gold and Silver Medalist Deepak Poonia also started his career from here. According to those two Olympic qualifier wrestlers who belong to this academy. “Their foundation was built strong at this academy “. Another famous wrestlers are as follows:-
1. Naresh Ahalawat (Asian Medalist).
2. Sunil Chotti Wala (National Medalist).
3. Mangal (Junior Gold Medalist).
4. Anup Deswal (Haryana Kesri, Hind Kesari, and National Medalist).
5.  Mohit, Parveen Gulia, Sanjay, and Vikram (Cherry) have also been famous wrestlers of their
LALAL DIWAN CHAND AADHUNIK KUSHTI AND YOGA center has become a buzz word as it has a separate gym club and wrestling practice mat. A national-level wrestling center is incomplete without a state-of-the-art hostel. So, a good hostel is also available here for far coming athletes. More than 300 athletes practice here at present. Not only wrestlers but also many fitness freaks have benefitted from here. Many have joined Armed Forces and other government jobs after attaining national and international level titles.

The youth have great potential in every kind of field and this wrestling center has moulded that potential into a fitness-based career. It is said that a good athlete is a good citizen. The teachings of patriotism and character building by the chief mentor are praiseworthy. The center also organizes many drug de-addiction and social programs.

Virender’s story

Wrestling and Virender are synonyms. If one utters the word wrestling in village Chhara, it means one indicates Virender. Very famous for his wrestling coaching and dedication. But, I tell you that popularity did not come easily. It took several years of hard work, sincerity, and humanity. A popular face amongst the youths, a role model amongst the wrestlers was born on 25/03/1972 in a Jat family. Father named Shri Kartar Singh, was a government teacher. Mother named Ganga Devi was a simple but high moral
homemaker.  Dhana Akhara was quite famous at that time. The early bird always catches the straw first, Virender started his wrestling career at age of nine in Dhana Akhara with Mr. Dhana who was his first coach. Village Chhara is famous for its sporty atmosphere and that inspired Virender also. Later on, he won many National and International tournaments and title. Let’s take a glimpse at his achievements:-
1. International Participant (1988).
2. National Games Bronze Medalist (1994).
3. Five Times All India University Champion (1987-94).
4. National Junior Gold Medalist (1999).
5. Nine Times All India Civil Services Champion (1996-2020).
6. Aftab-e-Haryana.
7. Haryana Kumar’s Runner up.
8. Delhi State Award (2017).
9. National PEFI Award (2019).

Gym 95%
Yoga 90%
Body Building 95%
Swimming 80%

Virenders’s Academics

An intelligent person creates history in every sphere of life. After wrestling, academics were not left by him. If we talk about his education, he joined Haryana Agriculture University Hisar after matric under the supervision of Uday Chand (The First Arjun Awardee, World, Asian And Commonwealth Champion, 1986). So are Virender’s academic achievements:-

1. BSH&PE.
2. M.P.ED.
3. M.A. Political Science.
4. NIS ‘A” Grade in Wrestling.

The opening of the LALA DIWAN CHAND AADHUNIK KUSHTI AND YOGA proved to be a boon not only for village Chhara but also for nearby villages, Haryana and India. The core aim of opening that wrestling center was to provide a good platform to represent India on the national and international levels. This the aim has quite been achieved because the center has transformed a local boy like Deepak Poonia into a World Champion.