Yoga is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines and believed to be helpful in improving flexibility, athletic performance, respiration, and energy. Our coaches regularly hold yoga sessions for the athletes to help improve the ability to focus and overall well being.

Freestyle Wrestling

Like all wrestling styles, the ultimate goal is to throw and pin the opponent. In Freestyle, the wrestlers can use their legs to attack or defend opponents.

Greco-Roman Wrestling

In the Greco-Roman style of wrestling, the wrestlers are allowed to take down their opponent by either attacking the opponent’s upper body. Unlike Freestyle wrestling, leg attacks are strictly prohibited.


Coaching is about training young athletes with superior wrestling skills, techniques, and risk management while motivating and inspiring them to be the best wrestler. All coaches at the Lala Diwan Chand academy are former champion wrestlers and great leaders who are best equipped to train amateur wrestlers.. One of the oldest combat sports, Wrestling is played all over the world using different grappling techniques. Our coaches train athletes in two of the most popular wrestling styles – Freestyle and Greco-Roman – both on the mat and in a traditional mud pit. Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling are the International/Olympic wrestling styles.


An onsite gym is available and is equipped with a variety of machines for a complete workout session.


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Hostel facilities are also available for select athletes training at the academy.